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The JDebugTool® graphical Java™ debugger can be evaluated for 30-days. After the evaluation period has expired, you must purchase a License in order to continue using JDebugTool. Note well that JDebugTool is subject to the License Agreement.

  • Purchasing a License removes the restrictions of the Evaluation Version.
  • Purchasing a License entitles you to free minor upgrades of the 5.x series of versions of JDebugTool. Version 6.x will require purchasing a major upgrade (at a discounted price).
  • Note that you have 6 months of Upgrade Protection. If Version 6.0 is released within 6 months after you have purchased a License for Version 5.x, you will get a free major upgrade to the 6.x series of versions.
  • JDebugTool is licensed on a per developer basis. For example, if a company or organization has 10 developers who use JDebugTool, then 10 Company Licenses must be purchased. Each licensed developer will be able to use JDebugTool on multiple computers and operating systems in the company or organization. Company License holders of JDebugTool receive 12 months free email technical support.
  • An individual who purchases a Personal License, can use JDebugTool at both home and work. Personal License holders of JDebugTool receive 6 months free email technical support.


JDebugTool is no longer available for purchase.

An Academic License was previously also available for students and teachers.

Installing the License File

Once you have completed your purchase, a license file will be (immediately in most cases) emailed as an attachment to you in an email with the subject of License Key for JDebugTool. In this email there will also be a hyperlink to download the license file. Also on the final purchase web page, there will also be a hyperlink to download the license file, in case you do not receive the license file as an email attachment. You will also receive a second email containing a receipt for your purchase.

Do not edit the license file because it will become invalid. Make sure you keep a backup copy.

The license file for the debugger must be located in the jdebugtool directory in the User's home directory specified by the user.home Java system property.

Note you can use the menu item Help | License Info... to verify your license file information. If JDebugTool can not find your license file then the menu item Help | License Info... will display the directory where JDebugTool is looking for the license file, or the error message encountered while reading and validating the license file.

Once the license file is installed correctly, JDebugTool should no longer be in evaluation (30 day trial) mode.

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